Departmental Info

Our department, established in 1993, has two Assistant Professors, two research assistants with PhD degree, and three research assistants who continue their doctoral education. Our three research assistants continue their studies in our department, while our other two research assistants maintain their education and research activities at other leading universities in our country. Our department does not accept students at undergraduate and graduate levels yet. Studies are continued to make academic and physical conditions suitable for student admissions. 


  1. To be a department that is universally recognized and follows up-to-date information and developments in psychology,
  2. To establish an interdisciplinary ecosystem that produces knowledge and focuses on research and application,
  3. To be sensitive to the problems of individuals and society by offering solutions to these problems and apply the solutions,
  4. To provide an education and training opportunity that captures the international qualifications that provide scientific thinking and research skills as well as basic information on sub-fields of psychology,
  5. To train psychologists who have the ability to transfer the acquired knowledge and experience to the field of practice within ethical principles.